Several Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

The tire pressure light on your dashboard will illuminate if the computer system detects trouble with the car tires. Here are some of the reasons the pressure could be off in the tires.

On cold winter mornings, the pressure in the car tire could drop, triggering the pressure indicator. Usually the light will turn off as the weather warms later in the day. If there is something that has punctured the tire, air will slowly begin leaking out of the tire. The specific tire pressure indicator will illuminate, alerting you to trouble with a specific tire.

Take a closer look at the tires if the tire pressure light stays lit. It could be cracks in the side wall or the tread may be coming free from the rest of the tire. This could indicate the need for a tire replacement.

Bring your car to Goshen Hyundai for scheduled tire rotations so we can inspect the tire pressure indicators for trouble.

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