Why the New Hyundai Accent is a Great Buy

The new Hyundai Accent is a popular compact car that’s a great value for your money. Whether it’s the cutting-edge technology in every feature, the great gas mileage or best warranty ever, the Hyundai Accent is a great buy and one you want to see for yourself. Pay us a visit at Goshen Hyundai and speak with our sales team.

Hyundai Accent’s Blue Link® Connected Car Service, a free service for three years, allows you to remotely start the vehicle, defrost the windshield and adjust the temperature through your smartphone or watch. Jump onto the heated seats, and away you go in comfort. All your Bluetooth® and audio controls are located on the steering wheel so your hands won’t ever need to leave the steering wheel.

If all this information has piqued your interest and made you want more, come to our Goshen, IN Hyundai showroom and take the Accent out for a test drive.

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