How Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries

Both extreme heat and extreme cold have considerable effects on your car's battery. Extreme heat actually makes your battery respond faster, but it shortens the battery's lifespan. This begins to happen at temperatures higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

For every 20 degree drop from 60 degrees Fahrenheit, your car's battery loses about 20 percent of its strength. That means that at 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your car's battery is 40 percent weaker than its peak effectiveness. At 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the battery is 60 percent weaker. Parking your car inside of a garage could help lessen the effects of extreme outdoor temperatures.

If your car's battery is three years old or older, visit us for a battery test. If your battery fails, get a jump and come over to see us for a battery replacement.



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